Frequently Asked Questions

That depends. If you sponsor the development, you get access to the development version of TemplaVoilà 7.6. There is no roadmap on when that version will be made public. However, there will not be a free version before spring 2017. If you need a version earlier than that, consider sponsoring the development as well.
Nope, it isn't. The 10 days of development are the minimum timeframe to be covered to get the development started. It's possible to be yet another sponsor anytime. I am dealing with a codebase from the early 20th century. That means, it needs a lot of effort to build a version that is not just compatible with TYPO3 7.6 code wise, but also UX wise. As from TYPO3 7.6 on the backend is based on twitter bootstrap, so it makes sense adjusting the looks to the new version as well. If you don't need that and just want to manage your site, please have a quick search on google. I bet you will find a compatible version of TemplaVoilà that technically works, but looks like 1998.

As already mentioned, I am not just doing the necessary adjustments to the codebase of TemplaVoilà but actually rebuild the extension on a modern codebase. That might look insane, but I consider that the only way of dealing with future updates of the extension in time. TemplaVoilà 7.6 might be very late, but upcoming version should be very easy to be delivered in time. To this day I focused on rebuilding the TemplaVoilà page module, so it looks like the orginal one from TYPO3 7.6. I didn't leave a stone unturned for that. Have a look at the screenshots to get an impression on how it looks like.

Furthermore, all donations will be used to make TemplaVoilà a modern extension again. If TemplaVoilà 7.6 is finished and there is money left, I will use that to work on bugfixes and TemplaVoilà 8.7.

Sure, that's the goal. Imagine I collect all that money and do not deliver. During the next months I will spent one day a week to work on the extension. I cannot promise a stable version to be delivered at any specific date. But there will be a pretty much working version at the end of 2016 and there will be a bugfixing phase shortly after.