TemplaVoilà 7.6

Support the development of TemplaVoilà and get instant access to the Git repository!

Status Quo

Currently there is no completely working version of TemplaVoilà for TYPO3 7.6 yet, but it's in the making. I already spent a lot of days and hours to make the extension compatible.

My goal is to first make the frontend and the page module running again, because these are the most important parts of the extension if you want to upgrade an existing site.

Why does it take so long?

The extension has hardly been maintained in the past. Mostly it has been adjusted to changed TYPO3 core api methods.

My intention is to not only adjust the core method calls to TYPO3 7.6 but also restrcuture the code base, so the Extension can more easily live on in the future and adjustments to newer versions of TYPO3 cost less time.

Also, I want to feel TemplaVoilà to be prepared for TYPO3 7.6 and beyond. One thing is the adjustments of the code base, another one is the adjustments of the looks of the extension.


These are the sponsors of TemplaVoilà 7.6

10 / 10 days
Sponsor Package
1 dkd Internet Service GmbH Medium (3 days of development)
2 Universität Erfurt Medium (3 days of development)
3 webfacemedia
Dominik Müller & Jens Kremer GbR
Small (1 day of development)
4 Peter Linzenkirchner
Lisardo EDV Beratung
Small (1 day of development)
5 Anonymous Medium (3 days of development)
6 cab services ag Big (5 days of development)
7 PHORAX Small Medium (2 days of development)
8 Webfaktur GmbH Small (1 day of development)
9 BOROS GmbH Small (1 day of development)
10 Radio Tele FFH GmbH Medium (3 day of development)
11 onlineAgentur.de GmbH Small (1 day of development)
12 4eyes GmbH Small (1 day of development)
13 Confero ApS Small (1 day of development)


Choose the paid plan that fits your financial capabilities.



The small plan covers 1 day of development



The medium plan covers 3 days of development



The big plan covers a whole week of development

If you are interested in supporting the development of TemplaVoilà and want to get instant access to the Git repository, please contact me. The shown paid plans are just recommendations. From the small plan on, it's possible to choose any amount you like.

* All prices are net. If you choose a paid plan, you will get an ordinary (german) invoice. If you reside in Germany, the invoice includes 19% VAT.


Simply write an email to contact@templavoila.support